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Release about Grant Award

         Georgia’s Cancer Patient Navigation Resources to be Assessed by Study

                Funded by Grant to Georgia Society for Clinical Oncology

                         in cooperation with the Georgia Cancer Coalition

The Georgia Society for Clinical Oncology (GASCO), working in cooperation with the Georgia Cancer Coalition (GCC), was awarded a $10,000 State Affiliate grant from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). The purpose of the grant is to assess the current level of cancer patient navigation resources in Georgia, and then determine the need for and interest in forming a statewide professional organization for cancer patient navigators.

According to C-Change – the nation’s key cancer leaders from government, business and nonprofit sectors—Patient Navigation in cancer care refers to individualized assistance offered to patients, families and caregivers to help overcome health care system barriers and facilitate timely access to quality medical and psychosocial care, from pre-diagnosis through all phases of the cancer experience. Some navigators also help patients with determining the financial issues which may prevent timely diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Cancer patient navigators throughout Georgia can or to link to the online survey, or print out the document and fax it back to 770-951-2157or 404-584-8404. Plans are in the making for a professional meeting for cancer patient navigators to be held during the GASCO annual meeting in late July.

“Patient navigation is a critical adjunct to care of oncology patients and caregivers,” says Dr. Matt Mumber, GASCO President. “A professional organization under the auspices of GASCO would give these individuals the opportunity to network, share resources, participate in continuing education, and secure board representation in the state’s oncologist organization, as well as to obtain access to a lobbyist. This grant gives us the opportunity to research the need and interest of those working in the field as cancer patient navigators.”

For further information, contact Karen Beard, Director, Georgia Society of Clinical Oncology, at (770) 951-1018, Option 2 or Judy Stanton, Public Relations., Georgia Cancer Coalition, at (404)584-0527.